Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I put down a deposit will I be guaranteed to get a puppy?

A. Yes, you will get a call as soon as we get the puppies in the order the deposits were made.

Q. If I call and leave my name and number only( without a deposit) will I get called?

A. You will get a call after all the others with a deposit have been notified.

Q. If I am not ready for my puppy when it comes into the store, will my deposit be safe until such time I am ready?

A. Yes we will ensure that your money will transfer to the next litter and can be applied to it. You will be the first to be called.

Q. What type of payments are accepted?

A. Credit cards, Cash, Check and Paypal.

Q. Can I call and make a deposit and payments over the phone with a credit card?

A. Yes

Q. How do I know what I will be paying for the puppy?

A. An approximate price will be given at time of deposit, final price determined upon       puppy’s arrival.
  1. Melody McKinney

    Why must I put down payment ? I would rather see the puppy first. If I put a down payment and I am not liking the puppy you offer. How does that work ?

    • Debbie Willaimson

      Please read the Q&A on our website.

  2. Amanda Little

    I have been searching for a cream/white maltipoo baby! I have found several but are mostly over a ten hour drive away. Please let me know when you have some in shop! Thank you!

    • Debbie Willaimson

      The Maltipoos are here now.

  3. Debbie Wharton

    I am looking for a male cockapoo. Do you ever have these?

    • Debbie Willaimson

      We do on occasion but they go so fast, best thing to do is put down a deopsit of $50-$100 and we will call you first and we also look for the pups on deposit first before we do the requests. Thanks

  4. Janet Nelson

    I am looking for morkie female puppy. Do you think you will have any available in the near future?

    • Debbie Willaimson

      We do on occasion but they go so fast, best thing to do is put down a deopsit of $50-$100 and we will call you first and we also look for the pups on deposit first before we do the requests. Thanks

  5. Donna Turner

    Mrs. Debbie,

    I got my wonderful little Norma Jeane from you several years ago and she is happy and healthy! I was wanting to inquire about the Teacup Yorkie female or a schnorkie female. If you have one available, could you let me know? Or I can pay to the puppybank for an upcoming puppy. Can I pay through Paypal on line? Would love a sister for my baby.


    • Debbie Willaimson

      Please call the shop 334-792-7877 and put down a $50 deposit, now tiny yorkies have gone up considerably $700-$1000 and Schnorkies are $599. Thanks for contacting us.

  6. Mary Jackson

    Hello. I’m looking for a male Boston Terrier puppy. I was wondering if you would be getting any anytime soon. Thank you!!

    • Debbie Willaimson

      We do on occasion but they go so fast, best thing to do is put down a deopsit of $50-$100 and we will call you first and we also look for the pups on deposit first before we do the requests. Thanks

  7. Melony S

    I’m wanting a female white west highland puppy. When can you or will you have one available? Can I request one and how long would it take to get one if I request one from yall?

    • Debbie Willaimson

      We have two males ready in 4 weeks. Best thing to do is make a deposit, $50 we search for the pups with a deposit first and then go to the requests.

  8. Debbie Willaimson

    No sorry we do not.

  9. Faith

    Any hopes of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy being available in the future?

  10. Shelly Summers

    I am looking for hypoallergenic easy to train GREAT WITH SMALL CHILDREN and SUPER PROTECTIVE…..

    • Debbie Willaimson

      Both the Yorkie Poos and the Havanese meet both of your requests. Protection is not a characteristic of a small dog.

  11. Allison Orr

    Will you be getting any shih tzus?

    • Debbie Willaimson

      Yes we have some now in the store.

  12. Krystal Nelson

    Hello I was wondering if you will have any female yorkies in soon and I would love to come and see them if so?

    • Debbie Willaimson

      They will be in the shop on Saturday

  13. Dashia Barber

    Hi. I’m looking for a Malti poo, or a schnorkie! Do you know when you will have some available and how much do they run??

    • Debbie Willaimson

      Schnorkies are coming next week.

  14. Gavin Leonard

    Debbie, Pat and I appreciate you very much. You went the extra mile. You and your store staff are very caring. We will continue to search your site for another Morkie. Hopefully we can find another as sweet and lovable as our Taffy.

    • Debbie Willaimson

      Thank you so much. I am so proud to have good customers like you.

  15. Charles Hagan

    Hi. I’m looking for Maltipoos.

    • Debbie Willaimson

      We have three upcoming in about 2 weeks.

      • Charles Hagan

        Thank you for responding so soon. Color, sex, and price?

    • Debbie Willaimson

      They will be here in a few weeks.

  16. Christy

    Can I put a deposit down on a dog you have in the store?

    • Debbie Willaimson

      Yes please call 334-792-7877

  17. Anita

    Hello I am in Texas and I am looking for a havashu male do u ever get these

    • Debbie Willaimson

      We will have some Havapoos coming soon but no Havashu

      • Debbie Willaimson

        The Havapoos and Cavachons are in the store now.

  18. Lora Enfinger

    I have a puppy bank in the dothan alabama location. Can you tell me what you include in your puppy pack.
    My e – mail is

    • Debbie Willaimson

      The puppy comes already micro chipped and had a full registration, not limited. They have a vet health check and will be completely up to date on all vaccines and worming. Plus a packet of all information pertaining to this puppy.

  19. Lora Enfinger

    Hi Debbie
    I have a puppy bank started in your Dothan Alabama store. Could you tell me when your next set o chihuahua puppies will be born?

  20. Judy Lovett

    Looking for a male shih Tzus

    • Debbie Willaimson

      We have some now and will have some in a week or so.

  21. Lora Enfinger

    Hi Debbie, This is Lora I was wondering if you have had a chance to get some recent pictures of the chocolate and white female chihuahua puppy.
    My e mail is
    Thank you for everything you have done for providing me a beautiful fur baby. Do you know if she is a apple head or dear head chihuahua? I just want to see how she is growing. I know you are very busy.

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