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I have been an animal lover since I was a young child and have always had dogs and cats as long as I can recall. Several years ago I acquired my first Yorkies. I fell in love with the breed and began raising litters of Yorkies in my home. After doing this for 10 plus years, I have met so many nice people through the puppies or by finding other folks that love to raise pets as well.

To hear how much happiness a new pet has brought to someone’s life is extremely rewarding to me.

Dream Puppys found me, I did not find it.
I hope you will find it as well so you can have sweet dreams about your puppy too!

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We are moving, right across the street :) 1422 Westgate Parkway Dothan Al 36303. Moving February-28-2018 and will be ready for business on March-5-2018. 

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Mini Dachshund Female Puppy. ID. AC-74 (27-January-2018)

Mini Dachshund Male Puppy. ID. AC-73 (27-January-2018)


  • “Angels Among Us”

    My son, Travis, had a birthday wish for his 10th birthday.  It was a cocker spaniel puppy.  I had searched and searched and had come up empty over and over.  I was almost at the point of having to tell him that we just weren’t going to be able to provide this birthday wish for this 10th birthday, maybe for his 11th.  I finally made a call to the area veterinarians, and Ozark Veterinary Clinic gave me Debbie’s number.  I was not very hopeful when I called because it was the week of Travis’ birthday, and I had still come up empty handed.  I called Debbie and told her what I was looking for, and she said she would give me a call later in the week.  Thursday rolled around and I called and told Debbie we were willing to take any color, because before I had specified only a buff.  Debbie said to give her a day and she would call back.  This is a lady who did not know me at all.  She had never met me, only talked on the phone to me.  And not only did she find my son’s puppy, she found his soul mate.  I cannot express what Debbie Williamson did for my son and for me.  I am a single parent, and she knew a little about my situation, and she was able to make my son’s birthday wish come true.  She went out on a limb for me with the lady who owned this puppy and explained my situation to her, and the lady was willing to drop the price a bit to fit my financial abilities.  Debbie also went to pick this puppy up for me, and God knows I would not have found this birthday wish without her.  Not only did she make my little boy’s dream come true, she also restored my faith in humanity.  In a time when there is so much hatred and fighting in the world, I found that there are still people who are willing to be good to other people.  I have always been told that there were angels among us, but I truly found my personal angel from Heaven in Debbie Williamson.
    Thank you again, Debbie, I can never repay you for all you did for Travis and I.
  • Thank you so much for our little shorkie that we have named Toby! He is such a joy! My little girl and him ran around the house chasing each other for an hour and the laughter I heard from her made my heart melt. I began looking at his paperwork later that evening and just began to cry as I looked at his father’s name. You will never guess Toby is my sweet baby boy Hawks half-brother!

    I wept tears of joys and sadness as this sweet little puppy would not get to meet his amazing brother. My little girl began to tell him all about his amazing brother and it just made me smile! I honestly believe that Toby was brought to us for a reason. I can already tell you we love him so much already. He is incredibly sweet and smart. Thank you so much for bringing Toby into our lives!

    Kristin B.
  • Debbie,

    Just wanted to write to tell you that I never thought I could love a dog like I do now. Teddy is great! Mike named him Slayer after his F-18 Squadron. : ) All of the guys call him the squadron dog. He’s gotten a little bigger. Potty training is hard, but I expected worse. He is such a good friend when Mike is gone. He loves the beach. He walks in the shallow water! He’s so great! Again, thank you for such a loving companion!

  • Debbie,

    We want to THANK YOU for our new addition, Sophie the maltipoo. We have been on a continuous search for another maltipoo since Chloe passed away in February 2006. When we saw the photo of the little maltipoo on your website our hearts melted! We knew she was meant to be ours.
    Sophie is now 3 1/2 months old and weighs 3.7 lbs. The vet is estimating her adult weight to be between 6-7 lbs. She is such a joy and her loving personality is really starting to bloom. She has already learned to sit, stay, come & catch. Rusty (our Papillon) LOVES his new sister. They play non stop until they both fall over asleep. He tries to wake her up in the mornings by sticking his nose in her kennel & crying. They love to play tug-o-war with their toys. Of course, Rusty
    usually ends up dragging Sophie around the house because he is bigger than she is right now.
    I’ve attached a picture of her that I took last week. As you can tell she is model material. Her hair is so soft & fluffy. At Care Animal Center they call her a “marshmallow”.
    Thanks again for helping fill a void that the loss of Chloe left! We are eternally grateful & we look forward to many years of happiness with Rusty & Sophie!
    Joyce & David Cobb

    Joyce & David Cobb
  • “Hi! I just wanted to let you know, the multi color shih tzu I got from you a couple weeks ago is doing just fine! I think you called him Little John. We have named him Patches. He is so smart! He learned his name inside of one day! He of course had a good check up at the vets. He said “he couldn’t find a thing wrong with that puppy”. Take him home and love him” We do. He has such a wonderful personality!”
    Thank you for my “Dream Puppy”!   Donna P, Eufaula, AL

    Donna P, Eufaula, AL
  • “Hey Debbie, I just want to thank you soooooo very much for finding my daughter’s dream puppy!  We were in search of a tiny toy poodle, preferably black for a certain $ amount.  You searched for us, sending me pics of available puppies and made several phone calls and appointments for us.  We were in a hurry, because of her birthday coming up.  Boomer as he is now known, well known, he is the puppy on your commercial on WKMX, along with my extremely happy daughter, Presley, is an amazing puppy.  He is the smartest little thing and so spoiled!  He has flown with us and goes everywhere we go – he has his luxury bed and more toys than he could every play with!  He is the best and we thank you SO much for finding him.  You went above and beyond what I ever thought you would when I picked up your card and called.  Anyway, I have told a million people over about your services and now about your shop as well.  Anyone looking for the right puppy – should definitely call you first!!!”
    Thanks again, Jenni, Presley and Boomer


    Jenni, Presley and Boomer
  • Dear Debbie,

    “I want to thank you for raising such a fun, energetic, and loving puppy. Lola is a wonderful addition to our family. On our car ride home from the airport she kept sniffing me and trying to eat my hair…still, she loves to pull/bite hair!
    I took Lola to the vet on April 11, 2006 and she weighed 2.5 lbs. and she had a good bill of health!! Lola loves to play fetch! She does it so well and we didn’t even train her. She went under our deck recently and found a ping pong ball……she LOVES it!! We throw it and she tries to pick it up in her mouth, but can’t, and the ball pings all over the place!

    We recently gave her rawhide bones and she likes the ones in the shape of sticks, but not the ones in the shape of bones…go figure! When we’re outside she loves to pick up rocks. Even when the rocks are 1/2 her size…she still tries to pick them up….silly Lola!
    My boyfriend, Tom, has two cats twice her size and she is fearless! She chases the cats all around the house. It’s hysterical! She has also interacted with a Husky mix and a Golden Retriever. Both these dogs were about 50-60 lbs. and Lola chased them all around! She’s persistent and ruthless! I absolutely love her!
    I want to thank you again for our precious new addition. We all love her so much. She adds so much entertainment in our home! Debbie, you did a wonderful job!”
    Thank you again, Nichole Carvalho

    Nichole Carvalho
  • Hi Debbie!
    “We received your call and the paper in the mail yesterday. I just got back from taking Teddy to his Dr. appt. Dr. Owens was thrilled to meet him, checked him all over, he’s healthy of course! He weighs 1 and 3/4 lbs. This was a “good” Dr. appt. just a get acquainted and Teddy likes his new Dr., especially since Dr. Owens fussed all over him, and said, “he certainly has a happy personality!” How could the Dr. think otherwise, with Teddy showering him with kisses? I’m sitting here watching him play, he keeps himself amused with all of his toys. I love him so much. Thank you!”
    Diane Sullivan

    Diane Sullivan
  • Dear Mrs. Williamson,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done. Looking for a new puppy was a frustrating and discouraging experience until I spoke to you. it was so kind of you to patiently answer all my questions and send me pictures.  Your puppy will have a wonderful new home where she will be trained, socialized, and spoiled rotten.  If you would like any updates on our new puppy please call.  Thanks again                 Your Fellow Dog Lover  – Brook Kerry

    Brook Kerry
  •  “I am the black poodle with the teeny white speck below my throat, purchased for Mrs. Betty Davis last Friday. I like to run with Mr. Davis around his house on the sidewalk and on a leash. I have slept in Betty’s lap each night. They have some steps beside her chair and I go up and down. At night I potty and get right back in her lap. Mr. Davis checks on me/us. I eat well, and see my Vet Thursday. I guess one could say I was sold on the black market! Ha Ha.
    I am very pretty and all who have seen me say that too. My neighbor’s poodle has a longer nose than mine and her hair is not curly like mine. Mine is really curly. I hope all my sisters /brothers have found good homes to live. I am much loved by Betty and Wayne.
    Thanks for returning their call so they could adopt me.”
    Lady Alexander, known as Lady.

    Lady Alexander

Grooming Services

  • Complete shampoo & blow-dry
  • Nail care
  • Medicated baths
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Hair styling
  • Ear cleaning
  • Flea shampoo